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As a seasoned digital professional and a passionate traveller, Erkin blended the best of both worlds into Bright Tribe. He spent the last decade working as a Programme Director at digital agencies in London and delivered projects to prominent brands across Europe.

Erkin has travelled over 60 countries. His most amazing project was travelling around the world for a whole year with his wife and 2-year old son! His favourites are Mediterranean food, Latin American music, Caribbean beaches, Southeast Asian island lifestyle and American road trips.

He lives in London when he’s not running a Bright Tribe retreat.

Asli believes that travelling is living, but to travel, she needs to live. Therefore she lived in New York for 3 years and in San Francisco for 4 years to explore the East and West Coasts inside out.

Now that she has moved to London, it’s time for Asli to explore Europe. She wants to become a skipper and sail through the Mediterranean Coast to scout new destinations for Bright Tribe’s next experiences.

Asli has over 7 years of experience in Digital Media Research and Data Insights. She worked with top agencies in Manhattan and the nerdiest engineers of Silicon Valley. Most importantly, she is a dedicated mum of two sweet girls.

Being a freelance software developer, entrepreneur, skipper and a nature lover, Ken is a big fan of work and travel. He has worked in London, New York, San Francisco and Dallas for well-known companies and is planning to live and work from Bali next year.

Ken is passionate about all things techy such as iOS, virtual and augmented reality and blockchain. He launched several start-up companies with an e-commerce focus in the US and Europe.

Ken lives in London, loves playing tennis and does sailing and island hopping in the Mediterranean.

LauraExperience Leader
Laura was born, raised and educated in the UK and brought up in a bilingual household having an English mother and Portuguese father.  She obtained qualifications in law and worked 5 years at a leading American law firm in London.

At the age of 23 she took a holiday to Fethiye, fell in love with the country and never returned to the UK again, except for the Christmas visits.

Whilst in Turkey Laura has worked in various industries as after-sales manager, official translator, and veterinary nurse. She is fluent in the Turkish language and has embraced the lifestyle and culture. Laura has travelled around Turkey and to a number of countries in Europe.

CihanExperience Leader
After being bitten by the travel bug while on a work & travel visit to the US, Cihan’s life never got back to what it was before. He decided to take a gap year during which he worked as a volunteer in India. Then he lived in Sydney for half a year and went on a backpacking mission through Southeast Asia for the next 6 months.

Cihan was dropped at the deep end of the corporate life when he started working for a global consumer goods company. He decided to ditch the desk job after 4 years and now runs boutique trips to far corners of the world.

He lives in Istanbul and is one of the Bright Tribe Experience Leaders.

NickySocial Media
Nicky is an enthusiast of yoga, hiking, writing poetry, connecting with people of different cultures, meditation, well-being and positive psychology, as she believes that exploring the mind can be just as fascinating as exploring the world. She is in fact a ‘Yoga Alliance’ certified Yoga Instructor. On the rare occasion that she isn’t doing any of the above, you’ll find her dancing to reggae or Cat Stevens.

Currently studying a BA in English, Nicky enjoys travelling in her spare time (India is her favourite place, after spending half a year there).

When not travelling, Nick lives in South Africa where she is from.

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